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Lanzcom Audiovisual | Digital signage

We are a company focused on creating communicative strategies and audiovisual development of high impact. Based on the innovation and creativity, we develop contents to accompany our customer’s communication strategies.

digital signace

It is a means of communication, personalized and made for each costumer. It consists of a network of LED screens monitored remotely via internet and installed in different sale stalls or in offices that companies consider suitable. This network of screens will show daily and dynamic content, advertising, propaganda, or other important messages that customers require for their adequate advertising and communicative development.

comunity management

Through digital media and social networking, our company manages, builds and moderates communities around your brand or company on the internet. Conversations online are increasingly relevant and need a professional team with knowledge about online communication and to make use of the new communication channels.

corporate video

A corporate video is a tool which function is, to show to their interested groups what their company or institution do, what their philosophy is, their vision for the future, among many other factors. An institutional video is the best letter of introduction to your organization: not only have of what your business is all about, what their long-term vision is, how their facilities are, but most importantly: what the essence of the Organization is,  the energy  transmitted and of course: how it looks.

tv ad

Promote your company, a product or service through an audiovisual piece designed to convince and to stimulate in a creative way to their target audience.

video clip

The music is not only sound.  Take their music to another level… Our company provides you with a team highly skilled in the making of music videos


Creativity without limits. Gives life to your ideas through 2D and 3D animation techniques

graphic design

Project your communication strategy through creative and effective graphic pieces. Logos, corporate image, dossiers, brochures among others.

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